Monday, May 2, 2011

We are done with the first draft!

We are now starting the process of querying agents. It is all very exciting!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Would this hook you...?

With her Mother’s mysterious disappearance and the school bully after her, 11 year old Trinity Webster has plenty going on in her world! Add to that a life changing vision, a fortune telling gypsy, and the creepiest villain she can imagine and Trinity must enlist the help of her friends to make sense of it all. Together in their amazing tree house hideaway they hatch a plan to change the world and solve the mystery!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Review for Golden and Grey!

Author Louise Arnold has written a wonderful series of books called Golden and Grey about a boy and his ghostly best friend. I absolutely love these delightful books written in catchy and whimsical prose. The characters are fun and quirky and adventure abounds!
In the series, Tom Golden is a normal kid with normal parents who is nevertheless called freak boy and picked on at school. A foggy little ghost named Grey Aurthur decides to be Tom's invisible friend and help him in any way he can, but then Tom is in an accident where he gets a huge head bonking!  When he wakes up he can see and hear ghosts!  This changes everything and the high jinks that follow are entertaining and endearing. I highly recommend this series for children and adults alike.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We are thrilled to announce!

We are more than halfway done with our first book! Rachel and I are co-writing a fictional book for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) called Skyhaven and the Manifesto

Skyhaven and The Manifesto is full of mystery, transformation and magic! Children will love reading about the exciting adventures and courageous characters, while parents will appreciate the message of power and integrity. In “Skyhaven and The Manifesto”, 11 year old Trinity has had plenty to deal with since her Mom vanished without a trace several months ago. Now with the school bully, Cooper, hounding her and a father who seems impossible to please, Trinity simply can’t take any more. She runs away and ends up in the woods overnight where she has a vision of a woman who reveals to her several powerful secrets about life. With her best friend Noah, she attempts to make sense of the radical ideas by organizing them in a scroll they name the “Manifesto”. Safe at Skyhaven, their tree house hideaway, they share the story with their other friends and together they come up with a plan to win over Cooper. Unfortunately he has no interest in hanging out with them or giving up his reign of terror at school. As events unfold, she and her friends meet a gypsy who’s cryptic fortune leaves them with even more questions, and Trinity must figure out how to transform her conflict with Cooper while dealing with her Mother’s puzzling disappearance. Things come to a head when, following a clue that may lead to answers about Trinity’s mother, the kids receive a strange text that turns out to be a desperate plea for help from Cooper. Now they must choose between chasing down their answers or helping the boy they have been trying to befriend!
Skyhaven and The Manifesto is full of mystery, magic and life changing transformation!